Major Injuries

Major Injury Cases: Experience and Strategy Matter

When it comes to major injuries caused by the negligence of another individual or business, you need an experienced attorney like Leslie Gold McPadden. For over 20 years, Leslie has been successfully representing clients and their families who have been seriously injured due to the negligence of another party. She is a major injuries lawyer who is client focused and perceives her clients as a whole. She assesses how her clients were before the injury and where they want to be. Her strategy is to map out a plan to help clients achieve their goal of health and recovery. This includes physical, mental and financial health. When needed, she helps clients get financial relief. Leslie is a personal injury attorney who over delivers on client expectations.

Practice Areas and Types of Major Injuries

Leslie’s practice areas include a wide range of litigation, such as personal injury, wrongful death and insurance coverage. She has successfully handled many types of serious injury cases, such as vehicular accidents, dog bites and slips and falls. Abdominal trauma, internal bleeding, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and compound fractures are common types of major injuries resulting from a car wreck. Serious dog bite injuries include facial wounds, fractures and psychological injury. Many people suffer from post-traumatic stress after incurring a dog bite. Serious injuries due to a slip and fall include compound fractures, back injuries and head injuries. With a serious injury, there may be a loss in function and high future medical costs for rehabilitation.

The Process: From Lawsuit to Settlement

Leslie works closely with her clients from filing a personal injury lawsuit to achieving a fair settlement. Often, many personal injury cases are settled prior to trial. Leslie uses her polished negotiation skills with insurance company reps and its in-house counsel to reach a fair settlement. And if the insurance company refuses to make an acceptable offer, she’s willing to take your case to trial. She’s a powerful litigation attorney in the courtroom and has an excellent winning trial record. Plus, she has and maintains great relationships with local physicians to help substantiate your injuries.

If you’ve been seriously injured due to the negligence of another party, turn to Leslie for the best legal advice and representation. Call her office in Waterbury. Appointments available in Hartford, Farmington New Haven to schedule a free one-one-one consultation today.

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