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Located in Waterbury, Connecticut, Leslie Gold McPadden, Counsellor at Law, LLC is a respected law firm known for its long track record of success in civil court. Leslie Gold McPadden has an exceptional reputation throughout the state of Connecticut, with clients commending her proactive, yet compassionate approach to civil matters. Her personalized counsel and creative legal strategies consistently lead to settlement and courtroom success.

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Practice Areas

Leslie handles a wide array of cases, most of which involve litigation. She most frequently takes on personal injury and wrongful death cases. These often involve car accidents, medical malpractice, and insurance matters. She is willing to represent persons dealing with complex civil proceedings. Many of her clients have experienced great physical and emotional suffering, as well as catastrophic property losses.

Awards and Endorsements

Leslie’s law firm is consistently commended by clients and fellow attorneys alike. Both view her law firm as a wonderful source of service for individuals dealing with complicated civil proceedings. She boasts a perfect 10 rating on Avvo, where a variety of clients and professionals have given her glowing reviews.


The ideal personal injury lawyer offers a valuable combination of compassion and courtroom aggression. Leslie understands the suffering many of her client’s experience, and is thus willing to give them the support and patient counsel they desire. She strives to understand the person each client was before his or her injury, and maps out a specific plan detailing how each client can reach a favorable outcome in or out of court. In the courtroom environment, she utilizes a zealous approach, fighting aggressively on behalf of her valued clients. She recognizes the value of settlement, but is also willing to take complex cases to court, where she has a high success rate.

Leslie Gold McPadden: Customized Legal Service in Waterbury, Connecticut

Leslie takes pride in the customized approach she offers, in which each client is treated as a unique and valuable individual. She has delivered numerous courtroom success for her personal injury and wrongful death clients, who greatly appreciate her compassionate nature and her undeniable legal skill. Whether you have been accused of negligence or believe that somebody else’s negligence has caused you undue suffering, it is in your best interest to reach out to Leslie’s respected Waterbury law firm.

Call her office in Waterbury. Appointments available in Hartford, Farmington New Haven to schedule a free one-one-one consultation today.

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